Ford E450 2014 FORD E-450 SHUTTLE BUS, 15 PASSENGER 1FDFE4FS7EDA83661 Mileage: 129,309
Lot Number:10
Start Time:7/27/2021 11:00:00 PM
End Time:8/2/2021 8:02:07 PM
Bid Count:83
Winning Bidder:C****l
Starting Bid:$500.00
Bid Increment:$100.00
Current Bid:$11,250.00
Bidding complete

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Body Type:BUS
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There is a 15% Buyer's Premium on all bids.  This amount will be added to the bid amount upon checkout.

All items are sold "as is" without warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever.  It is the sole duty of the Bidder to inspect all items carefully before placing a bid.  Failure to inspect items is at the risk of the Bidder.  All photographs and videos are taken as a courtesy by the Auction Company to help bidders make an educated decision on whether an item is somewhat operational however, as with anything used, the fact that an item, such as a vehicle ran on the day the video was taken, does not necessarily mean that it will run on the day that the buyer picks up the vehicle.  The videos and photographs may or may not reveal all mechanical issues with any item, so it is important that the Bidder examine and inspect all items before placing a bid.  Failure to do so is solely at the risk of the Bidder and the Bidder assumes those risks and agrees to take any winning bid regardless of their faults, their condition, and mechanical capabilities.  This is an auction.  No crybabies please.

Upon registration for a particular auction and upon placing a bid, a $200 authorization will be placed on the Bidder's credit card as a hold, and will be used as a deposit.  If payment is not made immediately following the auction, or if a credit card is declined for any reason, the authorization will turn into a charge.  Otherwise the authorization will eventually expire and the issuing credit card company or bank will release the hold after several business days.  Bidders should expect that they will not have access to the $200 in available credit for approximately two weeks.  In lieu of the hold, the Bidder may make a $200 cash deposit at The Lawler Auction Facility, located at 7781 Highway 1 North, Shreveport, Louisiana 71107.

Auctions are not for everyone.  There are risks associated with buying through any auction.  Any bidder expecting a warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever should not bid on an item.

This auction will be set up to begin to close, beginning with Lot # 1, and with each lot closing about 10 seconds behind the other.  However if a last minute bid is placed, it will extend the bidding out for about two minutes every time a bid is placed, giving other bidders an opportunity to increase their bids.  It is strongly recommended that bidders be at a computer with good internet when the auction begins to close, and make sure that the screen is refreshing routinely.  Smartphones and tablets often have limited internet access and do not refresh the screens, therefore you may loose out on a chance to increase your bid.  You can also prevent this from happening by placing your MAX (maximum) bid, and then the system will bid in increments up to your maximum amounts.  Tie Max bids will go to the person who placed their max bid first.  For example, lets say you are willing to bid $5,000 on a car, but the bidding is currently at $1,500.  You would place your bid of $5,000, and then the system will automatically insert your bid on your behalf in increments up to $5,000, meaning you will not necessarily pay the full $5,000 unless another person bids.  If when placing a max bid, you notice that you are instantly outbid, that means someone else has already placed a maximum bid for that amount or higher.

Immediate payment is taken very seriously by our company.  Payment is expected immediately following the auction, via Bank Wire, cash payment made at the Lawler Auction Facility, or by Credit Card or Debit Card.  All credit card and debit card payments are subject to an additional 3% surcharge.  Bidders will have until 11:05am the day after the auction to pay with cash (if near our Shreveport Auction Facility), credit card, or bank wire.  If payment is not received by that time, the credit card on file will automatically be charged.  Bank wires only take about two minutes for us to receive.  If you need the wiring instructions, simply send an email to requesting the bank wire instructions.  In the event that payment is not made timely, and in the event that a credit card is declined for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited and the Bidder's items will be subject to being sold to the second place or subsequent bidders.   

Please make sure to notice the ONE pickup day, Tuesday, August 3, 2021 (also known as the Removal Day), and do not place a bid if you cannot make yourself available to pick up your items on that day.  Any unclaimed items will be abandoned, and the Auctioneer is not responsible for the security and well-being of unclaimed items after the pickup time is over. 

6868 Springfield Blvd.
Springfield, Virginia
United States

There is only one pickup day for this auction and when we will have staff onsite, which is Tuesday, August 3, 2021, at 6868 Springfield Rd., Springfield, Virginia, from 9am to 4pm Eastern Time.  All items must be removed by the end of the day on August 3, 2021.

We have been commissioned by the nation's largest SBA lender to conduct an online only internet auction to liquidate a fleet of shuttle buses and vans that were secured by an SBA Loan that has gone into default.  All vehicles will be sold to the highest bidder through an internet auction that will begin to end on Monday, August 2, 2021 beginning at 4:00PM Eastern (3:00PM Central Time), beginning with Lot # 1.  This will be a soft close ending on August 2, 2021 beginning at 4pm Eastern, 3pm Central.