Lot Number:16
Start Time:6/19/2021 5:00:00 AM
End Time:6/24/2021 7:02:30 PM
Bid Count:1
Winning Bidder:p****s
Starting Bid:$5.00
Bid Increment:$0.50
Current Bid:$5.00x 2= $10.00
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We have been commissioned to auction off an assortment of surplus items for a some oilfield service companies who have relocated and have items that are surplus to their needs.  The catalog will be updated by June 19, 2021, when the bidding will start.  However the catalog will include a fork lift, cargo trailer, heavy duty equipment trailer, Conex Box, Flow Iron, Valves, Fittings, Tools, Tool Boxes, Pumps, etc.  

Most of these assets are located in the Lafayette, Louisiana area.  (Please check location of each lot before placing a bid).

There is a 15% Buyer's Premium on all items.  There is also a 3% credit card surcharge on all credit card and debit card charges through Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  American Express is subject to a 5% credit card surcharge.

The auction will begin to close on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 2:00PM CST, starting with Lot # 1, and with each subsequent lot closing about 10 seconds behind the other.  In the event of a last minute bid, the system will extend the bidding out for approximately two minutes, giving other bidders an opportunity to increase their bid amounts.  This basically creates a live auction at 2:00PM CST.  We strongly recommend that bidders use a computer connected to a high speed internet device, or that they use our MAX bid feature, which allows bidders to place a maximum bid by entering it manually, and then the system bids on their behalf up to their maximum bid amount.   We have found that smart phones, tablets, and some computers without a good internet connection can miss a bid by trying to bid at the last minute or if their browser does not refresh constantly.

Payment is due immediately following the auction.  An invoice will be sent out by email and you will have the ability to pay it using your credit card.  You may also appear at the Lawler Auction Facility with cash between 8:30am and 11:00am the next day.  We also accept bank wires as long as we receive the wire by 11am on Friday, June 25, 2021.  At 11:05am the credit card on file will automatically be charged.  No checks accepted without a bank letter of guarantee (a bank letter of credit will not be accepted). 

All items are sold "as is" without warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever.  Do not place a bid until you have carefully examined and inspected the item that you are bidding on.  The descriptions listed are believed to be correct, however it is the duty of the Bidder to verify all descriptions.  Lawler Auction Company is under no obligation to disclose any faults of any items sold as the auction company knows just as much about these items as you do.  No crybabies please.  A preview and inspection period is held on the day of the auction from 1:00pm to 5:00pm CST.

There will be a $200 credit card authorization on the credit card that is used to register.  That authorization should disappear from your account within 4-7 business days after it is authorized.  Upon registration, the bidder will be placed in pending status until approved by the Auctioneer.  New bidders may be required to place a $200 cash deposit at The Lawler Auction Facility prior to the auction and bidders may be required to show proof of funds availability in order to bid.

All vehicles should be inspected carefully be a qualified mechanic before driving it and liability insurance should be obtained on vehicles before driving them on the highway.  Bidders should check with their auto insurance company to verify coverage before driving them from the auction facility as some insurance companies provide coverage for newly purchased vehicles for a short time period.

Lawler Auction Company guarantees a good title for all vehicles sold in the auction unless noted in the description, for a period of 15 days.  One of our notary publics will issue a title on the day of the auction in most cases.  Bidders should promptly take the title provided by Lawler Auction Company to the Department of Motor Vehicles in their state within 15 days of the auction and register the vehicle.  Although it is very rare, any title problems are usually found upon registering a vehicle, therefore Bidders should NEVER perform work on a vehicle or spend money on a vehicle prior to registering it in their name and obtaining a title in their name.  (This has only been an issue one time in over 25 years of being in business, but we feel that it is a good idea to recommend this to our buyers).

No dealers license is required for our auctions, however you will be required to provide a government issued identification upon picking up your items.

All items must be picked up on the day after the auction closes.  Obviously we do not offer storage for items not picked up at off-site locations.

6007 Highway 90 East
Broussard, Louisiana 70518
United States

Items must be picked up on Friday after the auction between the hours of 8:30AM and 4:00PM CST.