There is a 15% Buyer's Premium added to all items.

Payment is due immediately following the close of the auction.  If payment is not immediately made, Lawler Auction Company may at anytime charge the credit card on file, and a 3% surcharge will be applied.

In lieu of the standard $200 deposit usually required to bid, upon registration, the credit card provided by the Bidder to register will be authorized for $200.  This is an authorization only to validate that the Bidder has sufficient funds to cover at least $200.  The authorization will result in a hold of $200 but will be released back to the Bidder within a few days (time depends on the bank or credit card company).  In the event that the Bidder fails to pay for their merchandise or in the event that the credit card is declined upon an attempt to pay the invoice, the $200 authorization will be forfeited to Lawler Auction Company. 

State law requires that Lawler Auction Company collect applicable sales taxes on all items.  All items are to be picked up in Louisiana and will be subject to Louisiana state and local taxes.  We do not charge sales taxes on titled vehicles, as those are generally collected by the Department of Motor Vehicles when the Buyer takes the title to the DMV to be registered.

All items are sold "as is" without warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever.  Bidder acknowledges that they accept items with all of its faults, whether disclosed or not.

It is the sole responsibility of the Bidder to carefully inspect and examine all items prior to placing a bid, whether in person or through means of viewing the photographs provided by the auctioneer and determine the quality of the item for themselves.  Descriptions are believed to be correct however it is the duty of the Bidder to verify those descriptions before placing a bid.

All items must be paid for in full immediately following the auction.  We do not accept personal or company checks.  All credit card or debit card purchases are subject to a 3% surcharge that will be added to the invoice price.

It is the duty of the Bidder to check the location of the assets being sold as Lawler Auction Company routinely conducts auctions all of the State of Louisiana as well as in other states across the United States.

The auction terms vary from auction to auction and certain auctions may have terms that are not necessarily applicable to other auctions, such as pickup dates and times, etc.  The Bidder is responsible for checking the auction specific terms and conditions before placing a bid.

Bidder is responsible for load-out and pickup of their own items.  Fork lift assistance may not be available at all auction locations therefore Bidders should not assume that fork lift assistance will be provided without checking the auction specific terms and conditions. 

Bidder agrees to be notified by a variety of means including email and text messages of future auctions as well as outbid notifications.  Text rates may apply depending on your cellular plan with your phone company.